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Our History.

Dr. Robert Ibsen REMBRANDT® was the discovery of cosmetic dentist and whitening pioneer, Dr. Robert Ibsen. His goal was to provide his patients with effective whitening power that would help remove stains and strengthen their teeth. But he couldn’t find anything on the market that served this purpose. So he headed to the lab and created REMBRANDT®, the first whitening toothpaste the category had ever seen. Even though the category has grown over the years, unlike other whitening brands, REMBRANDT® still stays single-mindedly focused on teeth whitening.


1989 REMBRANDT® brings the first whitening toothpaste to the market.
1992 REMBRANDT® launches its first mouthwash.
1993 REMBRANDT® releases a canker sore toothpaste for sensitive mouths.
1998 REMBRANDT® launches its first whitening rinse.
2001 REMBRANDT® launches Plus® Peroxide Gel & INTENSE STAIN® Toothpastes.
2004 REMBRANDT® Whitening strips were introduced in the market.
2007 REMBRANDT® updated packaging to reflect their new brand image.
2008 REMBRANDT® reformulated Intense Stain®, Plus® Peroxide and Canker Sore toothpaste. Launched the first Plus® Peroxide Whitening Mouthwash on the market.
2011 REMBRANDT® launches a new formulation for DEEPLY WHITE® Toothpaste.
2016 REMBRANDT® acquired by Ranir, LLC, a global leader in oral care products.

REMBRANDT® continues to focus on the development of products that are scientifically proven to whiten, maintain, and protect your smile.